Go Game Server Client SDK

This is the Go version of the Agones Game Server Client SDK.

Check the Client SDK Documentation for more details on each of the SDK functions and how to run the SDK locally.

SDK Functionality

Area Action Implemented
Lifecycle Ready ✔️
Lifecycle Health ✔️
Lifecycle Reserve ✔️
Lifecycle Allocate ✔️
Lifecycle Shutdown ✔️
Configuration GameServer ✔️
Configuration Watch ✔️
Metadata SetAnnotation ✔️
Metadata SetLabel ✔️
Counters GetCounterCount ✔️
Counters SetCounterCount ✔️
Counters IncrementCounter ✔️
Counters DecrementCounter ✔️
Counters SetCounterCapacity ✔️
Counters GetCounterCapacity ✔️
Lists AppendListValue ✔️
Lists DeleteListValue ✔️
Lists SetListCapacity ✔️
Lists GetListCapacity ✔️
Lists ListContains ✔️
Lists GetListLength ✔️
Lists GetListValues ✔️
Player Tracking GetConnectedPlayers ✔️
Player Tracking GetPlayerCapacity ✔️
Player Tracking GetPlayerCount ✔️
Player Tracking IsPlayerConnected ✔️
Player Tracking PlayerConnect ✔️
Player Tracking PlayerDisconnect ✔️
Player Tracking SetPlayerCapacity ✔️


go get the source, directly from GitHub


Review the GoDoc for usage instructions

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