Prerequisite Knowledge

Foundational knowledge you should know before starting working with Agones.

Agones is built on top of the foundation of multiple open source projects, as well as utilising several architectural patterns across both distributed and multiplayer game systems – which can make it complicated to get started with, if they are things you are not familiar with or have experience with already.

To make getting started easier to break down and digest, this guide was written to outline what concepts and technology that the documentation assumes that you have knowledge of, and the depth of that knowledge, as well as providing resource to help fill those knowledge gaps.

Docker and Containerisation

Docker and containerisation is the technological foundation of Agones, so if you aren’t familiar, we recommend you have knowledge in the following areas before getting started with Agones:

  • Containers as a concept
  • Running Docker containers
  • Building your own container
  • Registries as a concept
  • Pushing and pulling containers from a registry


The following resources are great for learning these concepts:


Kubernetes builds on top of Docker to run containers at scale, on lots of machines. If you have yet to learn about Kubernetes, we recommend that you have knowledge in the following areas before getting started with Agones:

  • Kubernetes as a concept - you should take the basics tutorial
  • Pods
  • Deployments
  • Services
  • Creating a Deployment with a Service

Mappings in Agones

Agones extends the Kubernetes API to include new custom resources such as GameServer and Fleet. See the Reference documentation for more information.

Agones creates a backing Pod with the appropriate configuration parameters for each GameServer that is configured in a cluster. They both have the same name.


Dedicated Game Servers

Agones is a platform for dedicated game servers for multiplayer games. If “dedicated game servers” is a term that is not something you are familiar with, we recommend checking out some of the resources below, before getting started with Agones:


Game Engine

If you are building a multiplayer game, you will eventually need to understand how your game engine will integrate with Agones. There are multiple possible solutions, but the engines that have out of the box SDK’s for Agones are:

While you can integrate other engines with Agones, if you are new to developing on a game engine, you may want to start with the above.

Additional Resources

  • Game Network Resources is a curated list of multiplayer game network programming (netcode) resources. Includes articles, talks, and tools covering various aspects of multiplayer game development. Use this resource to learn more about fundamental subjects in multiplayer game programming from companies such as Riot, Bungie, and Activision.

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