Matchmaker requests a GameServer from a Fleet

This is the preferred workflow for a GameServer, in which an external matchmaker requests an allocation from one or more Fleets using a GameServerAllocation.

Allocated Lifecycle Sequence Diagram

Sample GameServerAllocation

Since Agones will automatically add the label to a GameServer of a given Fleet, we can use that label selector to target a specific Fleet by name. In this instance, we are targeting the Fleet xonotic.

apiVersion: ""
kind: GameServerAllocation
    - matchLabels: xonotic

Next Steps:

  • Read the various specification references.
  • Review the specifics of Health Checking.
  • See all the commands the Client SDK provides - we only show a few here!
  • Check out the Allocator Service as a richer alternative to GameServerAllocation.
  • If you aren’t familiar with the term Pod, this should provide a reference.

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